Saturday, February 9, 2008

Some ramblings.

I have a severe sinus infection...again. At least my face still looks normal this time, unlike last time where the left side of my face was huge and swollen! It started on Sunday, just a bad headache, I really thought it was a migraine. We ended up skipping church because I felt horrible but decided to venture out around 3:00 PM because we needed groceries. The sun outside was killing my head (hence, the self-diagnosis of a migraine) so we headed into the little mexican restaurant, Cozumel, beside our Krogers. The food is yummy there, relatively cheap and Emma is easily entertained with chips & salsa. She is hilarious with the dipping...tapping her chip on the bowl then taking the tiniest bite of the chip, then double dipping a few more times. lol She gets her own bowl. So, we get groceries, go home and take a nap...again.

Monday begins another week and I just have a nagging headache and general "crud" going on so I take some of the Benedryl sinus stuff we have here at home. By Thursday, I am really feeling awful which is made even worse by being regulated to filing at work since I am the only temp that survived the chopping block last Friday. Ugh. Which brings me to the sinus infection. I was having a horrible day at work today...the constant up/down of filing was playing a number on my head. I was feeling pressure and my ears and cheekbones were killing me. I finally tell them that I have to go to CVS Minute Clinic on my lunch break and I don't know when I'll be back. There was no wait and it was a fairly thorough exam, BP, temp, heart rate, listened to my lungs, checked my ears, pressed on my sinuses, etc. and she said that I had fluid behind my ears and a severe sinus infection. I must say that her exam was more thorough than the ER visit that cost us $160+ back in October. So I highly recommend them if you have something like a sinus infection, strep, etc. They take our insurance so I only had to pay the co-pay but it would be $59 out of pocket if you didn't have insurance. So I grab my prescriptions, a new toothbrush and some Afrin and head home. I called my workplace and asked her if I could just go home for the rest of the day...I was heading home even if she said no...I just wanted to lay my weary head down and not make it worse by filing some more. So I get home, eat lunch, take my pills and laid down. I was passed out by 2:45 PM and woke up around 6:15 PM when Jon and Emma came home. I was feeling much better but still not great so Jon cooked some chicken soup and we all laid around this evening.

That is why I am up and unable to sleep at 1:10 AM. I just took my second antibiotic and some more Advil so hopefully I can whoop this thing. Jon is working the ACT tomorrow so it is Emma & Mommy time tomorrow. :) I am hoping to feel up to cleaning and sanitizing the house in the morning during Emma's nap. I really don't want this "crud" lingering in our family! I also need to print a few Valentine's Day cards and get them ready to mail. I still haven't finished creating Jon's collage on Shutterfly of the pics I took of Emma for his Valentine's Day. I am so will be at least 3 days for it to ship to me! I wish Walmart or Walgreens carried better styles so I could just pop them out there...I am just not crazy about their designs but it might come down to that though.

Emma's FREE tee that I won from MODKID came on Monday! She had a giveaway and I won so I had her also create a skirt and kerchief to complete the set. It is so much more than I expected - I love it! I am kind of bummed that it has just sat on Emma's dresser for 5 days now. I am hoping to put it on her for a photo shoot tomorrow or at least snap a few pics when I dress her in it for church on Sunday! Thanks Patty and I'll be sure and post pics soon!

I really ought to be uploading pics right now. I need to add some pics to my Louisville post...I have some of my layouts, Mom & Emma, Dad & Emma, the Louisville Slugger Museum, etc. I noticed that my blog is starting to seriously be lacking in photos so I hope to correct that soon. I am in need of a blog makeover! My profile picture is from like May last year. I promise I'll try to correct that soon. I need a new pic of Emma & I!

Speaking of Emma...she is such a big girl this week. We finally turned her carseat front-facing on Saturday. She has a Britax and they recommend rear-facing until 33 pounds but she is getting so hard to put in there. She pushes up against the backseat so you have to struggle to strap her in. She seems to love seeing out the windshield now! I snapped a few pics of her asleep in it the other day so I'll add them here. We also just started letting her sit at the table with her booster seat. She was fighting the highchair so I gave up and strapped our travel booster to our dining room chair and she loves it. She looks so little at the big table though! We also just bought her a "real" pillow for her bed. Nana had given her two small pillows but she always looks uncomfortable, half on it when we wake her up. So I was at Target and scoped out a thin, airy, $2.94 standard pillow for my sweet girl...finding a pillowcase was a lot harder. They didn't have any plain pillowcases and the pink pair didn't match her room (plus it was $10.98 for two!) and I was about to give up when I found single fluffy looking pillowcases for $3.99 that was in the dorm room section. lol It is fluffy on one side and satiny on the other...Emma loves "silky" blankets and it was bright pink so it was perfect. She loves it! She carries it around and plops it on the floor with her blanket to make a pallet to watch Kipper and Elmo.

She is still "demanding" our bathroom for her baths and it is so cute and hard to deny her. She also used the potty again once this week. She seems to really notice when she goes and lets us know when she is wet sometimes so I think we might try to really push the potty training here in the next few weeks. :) It is so much fun watching her learn and comprehend. She watches me put on lipstick and powder and mimics me. She is all about making sure she has on her necklace, bracelet, etc. She was wearing a red and white outfit the other day and wanted shoes on. I just grab a pair of slippers that are blue to put on her (we're just at home) and she cried no and pulled her red MJ's out of her closet. Jon said...that's my girl, you tell silly Mommy that you want to match. lol If you ask her to grab a yellow ball, she comes back with a yellow ball. If you ask her where are her boots, she comes back in here wearing her boots (most times on the correct feet!) If she sees football players, it is "Go Coles" (even when it was the Giants in the Super bowl.) lol At least a Manning won! There are so many more things like this that I can't post them all but it is so cool to know all that she understands at just 19 months. I love it!

Well, it is now 1:37 AM and I am finally tiring so I best be off to bed. I am sure Emmacakes will wake up when Jon leaves at 6:15 AM!

**By the way...thanks for reading my ramblings. :)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tornadoes rip through Tennessee...

but thankfully calmed down by the time they reached us. We had some pretty serious lightning and wind but everything is intact here. It was pretty disgusting weather from around 9:00 PM until around 3:00 AM. The worst hit our area around 2:00 AM and we went to bed with the TV on so I woke up to the waether. The storm/tornadoes leveled a few buildings in Memphis, Jackson, Castilian Springs, Hendersonville, Fairview and some other towns that I cannot think of at the moment. They said that 24 people lost their lives in the storms. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of those families affected by the weather. It is so hard to believe that we keep having this horrible storms in November and is not even tornado season.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Our Valentine's Day photo shoot

I found this adorable "I love Daddy" outfit at Gymboree last week. I had planned on painting some wooden X's and O's red but I didn't have time. Emma & I did an impromptu photoshoot while Daddy was out running an errand today. She cooperated for the most part and I got quite a few great shots! I am planning on making Jon a Valentine's Day photo card from Emma with these. There are a few more but I couldn't figure out how to turn them in Photobucket so I just took them out. Enjoy!

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