Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Birthday Build-A-Bear!

Finally - I can post pictures without the error messages! :)

This post is especially for Great Aunt Sally, Great Uncle Kel, Great Aunt Becky and Great Uncle Billy...Emma says "sanks fo Wowa!"
Photobucket Meet Lola...Emma's new buddy from Build-A-Bear.

Please excuse the pictures, my camera is still a little fuzzy from the bubbles incident. Here is a recap of our visit. Enjoy!
Photobucket This is Emma checking out the buddy options.
Photobucket Her doggy getting fluffed with love & stuff.
Photobucket Picking her heart...
Photobucket ...and warming it up with her love!
Photobucket Fluffing her up!
Photobucket Shopping for "Wowa" accessories. Seems to be her favorite part each time!
Photobucket So happy to be stopping by Granny & Diggie's house to show off Lola the puppy! (Excuse the strap in the picture, lol, she moves fast!)
Photobucket Loving on Lola.
Photobucket Introducing Lola to her other Build-A-Bear buddies, Lizzie and Lucie.
Photobucket She fell asleep with her last night. "Ni-ni Wowa!"

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

So much to blog about...

and Blogger & Photobucket are not getting along with me lately! I have edited my last post several times and cannot get the slideshow or pictures to load. I have created a whole new post and it won't show up on my blog. Grrr!

I have pictures from our Indiana trip, Emma's 2nd birthday party, riding her new trike, baking with Mommy, birthday Build-A-Bear outing where she created a puppy named Lola, and a trip to the Zoo just sitting here. Unblogged about. I am hoping this simple little post without any pictures will load.

Any ideas for a better uploading site for pictures that gets along with Blogger? Any ideas on how to deal with a horrible case of the "terrible twos"?

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