Wednesday, May 16, 2007

We have a WALKER!

Well, sort of. Emma is steady on her feet now. She can go from sitting to standing to sitting to standing again so easily. She is also taking 3-4 steps at a time! The most she has taken was six steps on Tuesday night while we were watching Brad Paisley (I love him...) on the ACM awards show. She is so proud of herself and I just want to squeeze her up! Here is a not so great shot that I got of her walking towards me on the couch.

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I bet she is walking by the weekend. We had planned on going back home to Indiana this weekend but we had to cancel out those plans. I was offered overtime on Saturday and we could really use it. We are still planning on going up there the weekend of June 8th to celebrate Emma's first birthday though! We are going to have a BBQ at our house down here with Jon's family, my parents and some friends on June 16th. I can't believe my baby is almost one! Seriously...where did the time go?!

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I told you she is a fanatic about her "silky" blankets! I snapped this one last night when she was fighting sleep. Sweet baby.

Emma just woke up so I am off to fall asleep with my Emma Cakes in our bed. I'll leave you with a snapshot from our Mother's Day weekend.

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Is it really 1:00 AM?!

Yikes! I have been messing around online entirely too much since Emma finally fell asleep. I was bad and was shopping online again. Old Navy has a great sale going on baby stuff and an additional 20% off if you use your Gap, Inc credit card. Jon knew that my getting that card a few months ago was a bad idea. He was right! I have kept it paid off each month and have been very good with using it. I have now made three purchases on it in the past week....whoops. I also have been unemployed which doesn't make for a good mix. I can't help it clothes are my weakness and Old Navy is known for having cute stuff. I also have a baby girl who is about to turn one and most of this stuff will end up being birthday presents.

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We are planning on getting Emma this Radio Flyer wagon as her big birthday present so the clothes can be the small presents to fill it up! I am also hoping that her grandparents pick her up this adorable bean bag chair & ottoman from Target. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

She has an Elmo chair but she doesn't seem to like to sit in it very long because he "tickles" and startles her. This will fit right in with our upcoming decor in the living room. Red!

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I also hope that she gets the little Max Daniel's Satin & Rosebuds security blanket in lavender too. She is crazy about her regular Carter's "silky" becomes pandamonium in our house if we do not have the silky blanket at naptime or bedtime. She rubs the satin side all over her face before she will fall asleep. We just had one in a sage green color and my Mom had to buy her two more in pink and yellow as backup.
Emma has actually been this way since she was just a few months old. I discovered the Max Daniel blankets through the CBB website and I'd love to get her the little blanket to carry with us where ever we go in her diaper bag. It looks so plush compared to the blankets we have! Plus the lavender is more of a periwinkle color which is cool because our wedding colors were actually periwinkle & platinum. So were any of your babies particular about their blankets?

Seriously though, I do know that I have an addiction and a credit limit. I must stop. My latest discovery of the boutique handmade clothing on eBay and Etsy will just have to wait until we win the lottery or I get a celebrity mommy to hire me to "style" her child and pay me the big bucks for doing it. It is okay to dream big, right?!

Speaking of which, the felt flower hair clips that I splurged on from Chloe In Style a few weeks ago are awesome. They are the first hair clip that Emma has left alone in her hair. It went completely untouched on her sweet little noggin for well over six hours! We also had three ladies stop us while we were out shopping to tell us how sweet the hair clip was on our little cutie.

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Okay, I am really off to bed now. I hope all the mommies out there in blog land have a wonderful and happy Mother's Day with their families today! :)

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