Saturday, May 12, 2007

I've been tagged by Lovelyn

It has been a few days since I logged in since I started my new job. I was excited to have my own official cubicle that I can decorate! I just noticed that I have been tagged by Lovelyn to name seven little known things about me and then "tag" seven other bloggers. I don't think that I even know seven other bloggers!

1. I love SoapNet and Food Network. I do not actually watch a whole lot of television but I could seriously leave the TV on in the background 24/7 and not get tired of the programming. Rachael Ray's shows, Paula Deen, Food Finds, Unwrapped, Food Network Challenge, Ace of Cakes, General Hospital and Days of our Lives. I love it all...and Grey's Anatomy!

2. We went to White House, Jamaica on our honeymoon. I do not have one ounce of a feeling of wanting to return. I had it all dreamt out big and wonderful and beachy and it really wasn't all that. The scary shuttle ride to the other side of the island in the rain...he was going about 50 mph on these incredibly windy one lane roads dodging pedestrians along the way. Nothing like fearing for your life on your honeymoon, huh?! Our honeymoon was also bookended by hurricanes with much of the island life closed so no snorkeling, no excursions, no beautiful beach.

3. I have always said that if I ever had a baby girl that I wanted to name her Emma. I actually threw a pillow at the TV when Ross & Rachel on Friends named their baby Emma. It jumped the popularity on the name to #1 and #2 for the longest time. Yet it wasn't enough to discourage Jon & I from naming our baby girl Emma. When she was about four days old we started calling her our little Emma Cakes, a combination of her name and baby cakes. We even sing the "Patty Cakes" nursery rhyme to her as Emma Cakes!

4. I love, love, love icecream cakes from Dairy Queen. The fudge center with the crunchy chocolate cake crumbs is pure joy. I just wish they would create a Blizzard flavor with it. Yummy! This is probably part of how I gained 41 pounds when I was pregnant...which until now was just a secret between me, the nurse and Dr. Chesney!

5. I believe that when it storms and the power goes out that it is God's way of making the world remember the old days. The simple life. Seriously, do stores really need to be open every day of the week and twenty four hours a day? I have to admit that I am surprised that places are even still closed on Christmas Day.

6. I love Gary Allan. I have followed his career since I was 17 and a picture of him & I backstage at a concert in Indianapolis was featured in an issue of Country Weekly magazine back in 1998. I am the only fan to have been at all of his fan club parties during Fan Fair here in Nashville. I attended the party last year just nine days before Emma was born. She was kicking up a storm when he took to the stage and to this day she still dances away to his CD in the car. He is awesome and yes I know I am cheesy with my admiration!

7. I have an obsession with reading about celebrity gossip. I don't really know where it comes from. I discovered People, Perez Hilton, Celebrity Baby Blog, Mama Pop, etc and I find myself checking them out almost every time I get online. Mostly the CBB and People though. I love the CBB for all the links to amazing baby gear and products!

Okay, I did it and I really don't have a clue on who to tag. :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Emma's pseudo pony tail

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Last weekend at MSU, we discovered that we could pull a little bit of Emma's hair up then clip it. She reminds me of Pebbles from the old Flintstones cartoon! It would have been appropriate to have a little bone hair clip last weekend too since they are Bulldogs.

I start tomorrow!

Emma and I slept in late this morning then enjoyed a tickle and raspberry session in our living room. She of course wanted some bananas so I cut some up for her and she proceded to rub them through her hair. This has been an ongoing thing for about two weeks...I wish I knew where she picked it up from. Jon & I definitely do not rub our food through our hair. Maybe from our dog, Retto?! Lovelyn's pictures of Anika and Chloe out enjoying this wonderful spring weather inspired me. I finally purchased Emma a swimsuit and I am hoping that we can buy her a baby pool or a sprinkler so we can play out in the yard soon. I feel so guilty staying inside so much but we only have a small Little Tykes swingset and our yard needs mowed again before we set it up. She really enjoyed being out at the ball games this weekend but it was almost too hot! We ended up staying below the bleachers most of the game.

Anyways, I was talking to my Mom on the phone this afternoon when another call beeped in. It was the temp agency that I went and applied at two weeks ago. They have a job for me right here in Murfreesboro and it starts tomorrow morning! It is an administrative support position, temp-to-hire, Monday through Friday, 8:00-5:00. It isn't as much pay as I was hoping for but it is equal to what I was earning working 32 hours a week at Watson's. I am just so thankful right now as I was hoping to find a job right here so I wouldn't have to commute to Nashville or Franklin and the timing could not have been better! Emma's babysitter was so excited to get to keep Emma again when I called to let her know the good news. I am going to miss spending all this time with my little Emma Cakes but I can tell she's been missing time with the kids at the sitter's house too. So I guess wish me luck on my first day tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Nap time!

Emma is taking a fairly long and much needed nap this afternoon. I should be taking full advantage of this moment to clean up our house. There are two baskets of clean laundry sitting in the living room from this weekend of being out of town. Yet I find myself drawn to the internet again and again. Mostly out of a strong sense that I must submit my resume to every single office position offered on and or I will remain jobless. I admit that I am getting more than a little concerned about being unemployed and having so many bills to pay. I know that I should be taking these days and enjoying them to the fullest extent with Emma...just playing, laughing, and acting silly all day long.

I have to admit too that my time on the internet is not entirely productive. I have discovered the joy and addiction of the eBay boutique shops. The stuff offered on there is absolutely incredible. I am so jealous of their talent for designing modern clothes and accessories for little girls. I wish that we had an endless supply of money that so that I could get Emma a full wardrobe from Vintage*Chic, ModKid and PlumTickled boutiques. We did splurge, well, Jon's mom did anyways, on an outfit from ModKid for Emma's first birthday party and portraits. I am so excited! I told Jon last night that I'm afraid that my latest discovery is going to be a very bad habit...once I have an income again, of course. He only thought I was crazy with all the boutique hair bows, Baby Legs, Trumpette socks & tights, IsaBooties, and Baby Gap clothes. I so wish that I could some how make a career out of being a baby stylist!

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