Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Nap time!

Emma is taking a fairly long and much needed nap this afternoon. I should be taking full advantage of this moment to clean up our house. There are two baskets of clean laundry sitting in the living room from this weekend of being out of town. Yet I find myself drawn to the internet again and again. Mostly out of a strong sense that I must submit my resume to every single office position offered on careerbuilder.com and monster.com or I will remain jobless. I admit that I am getting more than a little concerned about being unemployed and having so many bills to pay. I know that I should be taking these days and enjoying them to the fullest extent with Emma...just playing, laughing, and acting silly all day long.

I have to admit too that my time on the internet is not entirely productive. I have discovered the joy and addiction of the eBay boutique shops. The stuff offered on there is absolutely incredible. I am so jealous of their talent for designing modern clothes and accessories for little girls. I wish that we had an endless supply of money that so that I could get Emma a full wardrobe from Vintage*Chic, ModKid and PlumTickled boutiques. We did splurge, well, Jon's mom did anyways, on an outfit from ModKid for Emma's first birthday party and portraits. I am so excited! I told Jon last night that I'm afraid that my latest discovery is going to be a very bad habit...once I have an income again, of course. He only thought I was crazy with all the boutique hair bows, Baby Legs, Trumpette socks & tights, IsaBooties, and Baby Gap clothes. I so wish that I could some how make a career out of being a baby stylist!

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