Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Potty training (Hopefully not TMI!)

Emma received a little potty for her 1st birthday and shortly after we started sitting her on it before bathtime. She would look at us strangely but she went on it a handful of times then she decided she was over it. We started pushing the issue right before she turned 2 and she was absolutely not interested! She had a spell where she was anti-big girl anything - she wanted to be held like a baby, called a baby, etc. So we let it be. We kept pushing the potty dvds and books on her and she liked to listen to them. Since I have been home with her the past few weeks, after the Christmas craziness passed, we have been trying again. She wore her big girl panties a few mornings last week and woul sit on the potty every 30-40 minutes but she wouldn't go on the potty. She would wear them from around 8:30 AM to around noon when we would go back to the diaper for naptime. She would then pee in the diaper every. single. time. It was a little frustrating but I kept telling her she needed to pee in the potty to get the M&M and that only babies peed in their diapers and it was a good thing to become a big girl who peed on the potty.

We were having a lazy day at home this past Saturday so we tried again. I kept on to her, "Emma, need to go potty?" and "Emma, are you sure you don't need to potty?" I was starting to annoy myself. lol She had accidents in her panties twice while playing but then started to realize it and would run to the potty. Progress! She had more successes than accidents by Monday. We are working on the rewards plan of 1 M&M for a pee, 2 M&M's for a poo. She repeats this to us while she is on the potty so I know she completely gets it. Papa also talked to her on the phone Sunday and told her he would give her a $1 for each time she pottied this week...I think that was a motivator! She had a poo on the potty on Tuesday and immediately asked "Mommy two M&Ms and $2 monies from Papa?" I told her she would have to discuss the details with Papa if that was part of his deal. Girl is all about the monies - she is up to $10 "monies" now - it is so cute how she has turned dollars into monies! So far today we have had two successes and no accidents - knock on wood! Here's hoping that the potty training only goes UP from here.


We welcome any advice too so feel free to share any tips...especially night time training and also travelling with a potty training toddler!

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