Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Emma and Santa Claus


We were planning on seeing Santa while we were back home visiting Nana & Papa but we ran out of time with Aunt Debbie's funeral and trying to visit everyone like we usually do when we're back home. Plan B was the Santa at the mall here that we met a few weeks ago during the hot air balloon fiasco. Emma decided she wanted to see Santa on Tuesday and she did so well - walked right up to him and let him sit her on his lap. She told him she wanted a Wubbzy and Christmas feet. lol We're not sure what Christmas feet are because she said no when we asked if she meant shoes or a Christmas tree. She also told us she wants a "quick-amera like Daddy's" which means camera, by the way - we think she picked up "Click" from Go Diego Go!

**Ugh...I apologize for the picture being so wonky - it is the picture we bought and our scanner doesn't do well with glossy photos.

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