Saturday, August 11, 2007

Where's Emma?

Emma, being her completely adorable self, throws both hands up in the air and grabs her head, whenever we say...Where's Emma? She kept doing it during her bubble bath last night when I'd ask her so we got to wash her hair about six times! She has also been doing this cutesy thing of tilting her head and smiling like "yeah...I know I'm cute" whenever someone tells her she is cute. It is seriously too funny. I wish I could put the video up here for all to see. :)

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She is our little social butterfly now...if she sees another little kid, she will walk right up to them and start babbling. This morning at a consignment sale, she was ready to just walk away with this other family with two little was like see ya later, Mom!

Anyways, Emma has also taken up the not so cute habit of screaming...loudly in the bathtub, in the car, in the house and in stores. It is bad. We have been trying to stay after her and sternly telling her no while covering her mouth but it just isn't working. She started it last weekend while we were shopping at BAM and when I told her no, she threw herself onto the ground and started screaming at the top of her lungs. I had to carry her out to the car and I admit that she got her second real spanking from me. Not that she really felt it through her diaper but still. I've been told that it is just her age and also that it is a girl thing but I hope it ends sooner rather than later. It makes it so hard to drive, hard to cook, hard to shop and just plain hard to think! Did your child like to scream around 14 months? What did you do? How do I make it stop?

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

For the Love of FOUR!

I admit that I "lifted" this tag from Erin's blog, The Vintage Pearl. It seemed like a fun tag!

4 jobs I have had:

grocery clerk
front desk agent
finance dept. lead
admin assistant

4 films I could watch over and over:
Sweet Home Alabama
Tommy Boy
Father of the Bride

4 Places I have lived:
Frankfort (house)
Nashville (apt)
Murfreesboro (apt)
Murfreesboro (house)

4 Favorite TV shows:
Grey's Anatomy
Big Brother
General Hospital

4 Favorite Foods:
sweet corn
bbq pork chops

4 Websites I visit everyday:
yahoo mail
celebrity baby blog

4 Places I would love to be:
St. Lucia
Cayman Islands
Savannah, GA
back home in Indiana

4 Favorite Colors:

4 Names I love but would/could not use for my children:
Rhett (our dog's name)
Luke (our dog's name)

Okay...I want to tag Lovelyn and Courtney! :)

Paula Deen Live!

A few months ago, Jon surprised me with tickets to see Paula Deen live in Nashville. It was this past Saturday at TPAC and it was so fun...I only wish our seats were better. I took a few pictures but they are kind of blurry and on Mom's camera. They wanted to come down and spent the weekend with us so they could keep Emma while we were out at the show. Mom's camera is smaller than mine so I took hers (in case they checked for cameras.)

She cooked fried pork chops, mac 'n cheese and collard greens. Jon was like...she sure didn't do a whole lot of cooking! It is her personality that carries it...her husband Michael was there too and they were so comical together. She talked about him getting new "chompers" on Thursday. LOL She talked about baby Jack...he cut his first tooth at 4 months and had them all by 7 months! It was a little bit of cooking, a little bit of visiting, and some Q & A...we weren't really sure what to expect but it was well worth it. I am reading her new book and did you know that she is a smoker? She tries to never be seen smoking and I don't know why but this interested me. I just can't see her as a smoker. Random I know but I am only on page 21. :) Anyways, I just wanted to post a little about what we were up to while I was away from my blog.

It was so nice having Mom & Dad down here again...Emma enjoys their visits so much. They took her on several wagon rides and waded in her baby pool together. It is always sad to see them leave...we are hopefully going to be up there again for Labor Day weekend though. I think we might go up to the lake with some family. We'll have to see how it goes with work and all!

I'll try to post some pics when I can get Mom to upload them. :)

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