Saturday, September 29, 2007

Noah T's Birthday Bash!

We spent the afternoon at Noah's birthday party and Emmacakes had a blast. She picked out a pair of fur lined boots to wear and I tried to talk her into wearing her Puddle Jumper Mary Janes but she wanted the boots. So she wore the boots in our 90 degree heat for most of the party! I have to admit that it was very cute but we did manage to get her to change into the Mary Janes eventually because her poor legs were turning red!

Noah has one of those battery operated ride-on Hot Wheel racecars. At some point Emma managed to get on it while we were busy and took off! She was going in circles and we were trying to catch her...she even ran over Taylor's foot when she tried to catch her. I sooooo wish we would have had our video camera there. He had a pirate ship cake and a pirate pinata. Emma enjoyed the Dora sucker that he got out of it and gave to her. She was a sticky, sticky mess!

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Happy Birthday, Noah, I meant Spiderman!

Ever heard of Upper Case Living?

I went to a friend's party the other night and I love this stuff! It is textured words, phrases and embellishments that you "rub-on" to walls, tiles, glass, etc. They are kind of like the rub-on transfers in scrapbooking only much bigger! They do custom phrases so we are getting "emma*cakes" in the echelon font and in bubblegum pink and mint green to hang above Emma's bed. We are about to redecorate her bedroom after Christmas when we get her a toddler bed. She hasn't tried to climb out of her crib or anything yet but it just had a recall on it. She is also becoming more "big girl" by the day...talking and picking out her own we want to upgrade her room just a little. Like move out the changing table and the crib. It is unbelievable...where did my baby go?!

I am so excited to finally add some decorative touches to our house. We are getting "Love Lives Here" in a cranberry red color to put above our couch. I am planning on putting it directly on the wall and creating a frame around it. We've been looking for some kind of red artwork to put up there but have always came up emptyhanded so I think this will be the perfect unique touch. We also got "Watch for Falling Bubbles" in mint green to put across the top of the mirror in Emma's bathroom. There are so many other things that I'd love to get and place on tiles to hang around the house like in our bathroom and the laundry room. She has a whole book of examples showing how other people have decorated around their homes. I am so inspired!

ways, I am going to host a party with her on 11/11 at 2:00 PM so if you are interested in coming or ordering anything please let me know! :) By the way, the latest catalog is on their website at and her name is Robyn McIsaac.

PS: Please check it seems like something you would love, Love! :)

Monday, September 24, 2007

Whew...what a weekend!

We met my parents in Owensboro, KY for my cousin's wedding this weekend. We left here around 4:30 PM on Friday and traffic was heavy through Nashville...we almost got sandwiched once! We made it there by about 8:45 PM and were going to meet Mom & Dad at the Texas Roadhouse near the hotel. We are BIG fans of the Texas Roadhouse and that is usually a staple restaurant when we meet somewhere.

Anyways, we get there and there is a wait so we are hanging out in the parking lot. I, assuming that my wonderful husband has the keys close the door with my purse in the backseat since I am carrying the diaper bag. I actually think twice about just throwing my keys in the diaper bag but go ahead and close the door. Not even twenty seconds later...Jon walks over asking if I have his way, no way, no way! Seriously...I am like borderline OCD when it comes to checking and rechecking that I have my keys and the doors are locked. My Dad immediately starts trying to get the door jimmied open but we cannot locate a flashlight and they call us to be seated. We all order and Emma is just not acting herself at all...suddenly she throws up all over my Mom so we rush her into the bathroom. She is burning up and we have nothing to change her into...I took her extra outfit out of the diaper bag since we brought a whole suitecase of clothes along for the trip. My poor baby...she has never been sick like this ever and of course we are in a strange town and have no access to our car or belongings!
I was so happy that I had not left the diaper bag in the car...we at least had wipes, diapers and Motrin! They bring out our food so Mom goes to get Dad & Jon...Emma gets sick again so Mom asks them to just pack our food up to go. We hop in Mom & Dad's van and drive the 1/2 mile to the hotel.

I am sitting there cuddling my sick baby girl when a lightbulb goes off in my head...our car came with FREE road side assistance to 60,000 miles! So Jon gets on the phone with Kia and about another hour later he is in our car on the way back to the hotel.
We got a dose of Motrin in Emma and got her to sleep but it wasn't very restful sleep. She must have picked up a bug at daycare and she is also cutting her top two teeth...too bad the amber teething necklace I ordered didn't arrive before we left. She was happy to snuggle with Grampa most of the weekend...he was enjoying every moment of it too...only wishing she wasn't sickly. She did enjoy the mirror in our hotel room...she was trying to figure out where the little girl kept going at the end of the wall. So cute. She did not care much for the pool but she did float in a time or two with Grampa just to splash around a little bit.

I think we have decided to write off any future weddings in Kentucky. Three years ago we went to his friend Pat's wedding and we had a tire blow out on the interstate. This time Emma gets crazy sick and we lock the keys in our car. Apparently, we do not mix well with Kentucky and weddings!

BTW, Jon stayed home today with Emma and took her to see the doctor. She thinks she is on the mend from a viral infection and suffering the effects of cutting two teeth (they are starting to poke through!) The teething necklace was in the mailbox when we got home last night so I put it on her...she slept so soundly and she also took a peaceful four hour nap today. I think this necklace is awesome...and its cute!

Some of the better moments from this weekend:
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Okay...I am off to give my sleeping punkinhead a squeeeeeeeeeeze then head to bed. :)

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