Saturday, September 29, 2007

Noah T's Birthday Bash!

We spent the afternoon at Noah's birthday party and Emmacakes had a blast. She picked out a pair of fur lined boots to wear and I tried to talk her into wearing her Puddle Jumper Mary Janes but she wanted the boots. So she wore the boots in our 90 degree heat for most of the party! I have to admit that it was very cute but we did manage to get her to change into the Mary Janes eventually because her poor legs were turning red!

Noah has one of those battery operated ride-on Hot Wheel racecars. At some point Emma managed to get on it while we were busy and took off! She was going in circles and we were trying to catch her...she even ran over Taylor's foot when she tried to catch her. I sooooo wish we would have had our video camera there. He had a pirate ship cake and a pirate pinata. Emma enjoyed the Dora sucker that he got out of it and gave to her. She was a sticky, sticky mess!

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Happy Birthday, Noah, I meant Spiderman!

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