Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I start tomorrow!

Emma and I slept in late this morning then enjoyed a tickle and raspberry session in our living room. She of course wanted some bananas so I cut some up for her and she proceded to rub them through her hair. This has been an ongoing thing for about two weeks...I wish I knew where she picked it up from. Jon & I definitely do not rub our food through our hair. Maybe from our dog, Retto?! Lovelyn's pictures of Anika and Chloe out enjoying this wonderful spring weather inspired me. I finally purchased Emma a swimsuit and I am hoping that we can buy her a baby pool or a sprinkler so we can play out in the yard soon. I feel so guilty staying inside so much but we only have a small Little Tykes swingset and our yard needs mowed again before we set it up. She really enjoyed being out at the ball games this weekend but it was almost too hot! We ended up staying below the bleachers most of the game.

Anyways, I was talking to my Mom on the phone this afternoon when another call beeped in. It was the temp agency that I went and applied at two weeks ago. They have a job for me right here in Murfreesboro and it starts tomorrow morning! It is an administrative support position, temp-to-hire, Monday through Friday, 8:00-5:00. It isn't as much pay as I was hoping for but it is equal to what I was earning working 32 hours a week at Watson's. I am just so thankful right now as I was hoping to find a job right here so I wouldn't have to commute to Nashville or Franklin and the timing could not have been better! Emma's babysitter was so excited to get to keep Emma again when I called to let her know the good news. I am going to miss spending all this time with my little Emma Cakes but I can tell she's been missing time with the kids at the sitter's house too. So I guess wish me luck on my first day tomorrow!

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~love said...

wow! went to my blog after myspace and found the answer to my question! hope that you have a great first day!
welcome to blogging! you're going to be so addicted to getting glimpses of other's lives! at least i am!! =)

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