Sunday, September 16, 2007


We had one successful morning of taking the sippy cup of milk instead of the bottle! By 10:15 AM, she was getting sleepy and wanted her "baba" so I let her have it so she would take a nap with me. I have a feeling this is going to be a long road. The funny thing is that she'll take her sippy cup with water, juice, anything but milk and drink it happily but she gets stubborn and only takes a few sips from it if its milk. Ugh! Any suggestions? She is also very stubborn and will only take two kinds of sippy cups...the NUK Trainer Cup and the Playskool Straw Cup. Two cups that are hard to find in stores around here so we have to make sure we always bring them along!


Courtney said...

Just take the bottle away. Put it high up in a cabinet or just put them away so you dont grab for them and she doesnt see them. My guess is she is using it as a sleep aid or a comfort thing when she goes to sleep. Give her milk at meals instead of when she goes to sleep and find other ways for her to comfort herself to sleep. Just my 2cents! Goodluck!!!! :)

~love said...


she's doing fine! yeah, it's great if she instantly loses the bottle....but what if she takes another month to totally wean off of it?! it will NOT matter in 17 years as she drives away to college and your heart is happy, but still aches to hold your tiny baby and give her one more bottle!!

you're both doing great! =)

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