Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hour 34

It has been over 34 HOURS since I have hugged on Emma Cakes. It was so weird to come home last night without her and to wake up this morning to her not being here. I only have a few more minutes to wait though...then I am going to hug, kiss and love on her!

Jon gave us all a big scare yesterday by collapsing at work and hitting his head on desk and the floor. They think he was out for about 5-10 seconds. They called the paramedics to his office and his boss called me as they were taking him away in an ambulance. I answered the phone "Hey Honey" thinking it was Jon was his boss, Tom, telling me about what happened and I started to shake as soon as I heard his voice. He said he was fairly certain it had to do with Jon losing weight recently and having not ate since dinner the evening before and was probably nothing more. He told me the EMT's were taking him to Vanderbilt. I hung up with him, told my boss that I had to go, called Jon's mom from the car and took off. I was so nervous but I kept thinking in the back of my mind that it had to be was from working out, not eating, something simple like that but it was still scary. I was almost to Vanderbilt when Jon's mom called me back and put Jon on the phone.

He told me not to worry, he was fine, his blood sugar was 323 and his heart rate was 50 which is why he got lightheaded and passed out. They gave him two bags of IV fluid and were going to release him but he had another "episode" when they had him walk around before releasing him. So they sent him for an echo cardiogram. It came back normal and they were contemplating a CT scan. They finally decided he probably should just go home, have a Coke, eat dinner (it was now going on 27 hours since he had ate anything), drink lots of water and rest. They called it a syncopie episode brought on by dehydration. Our sitter said she would be fine if Emma just stayed the night since it was getting late and we would just have to bring her back early this morning anyways. So last night was Emma's first official night away from Mommy & Daddy and it was kind of rough on us. We got home at 11:15 PM last night and Jon walked in the house and said "I miss my muuuuuahhh! kissies from the Cakes." Me too.

I always feel weird when she is not with me but waking up to her not being here was hard. I immediately called her sitter and she was fine. She fell asleep a little after 9:00 PM after asking for her bottle (grrr...but more than OK since she was out of her routine) and reading a story. Emma is used to me picking her up when Kipper is on (5:15 PM-5:30 PM on Sprout) and she said Emma walked around saying Mama, Mama, Mama for about ten minutes after the show ended before she got sidetracked playing with her babies. She was such a big girl to go to sleep without her Boo Bunny and blanket here at home too. :)

I am so ready for Emma to be home and snuggle bunny with me & Jon. I am also very, very, very thankful that Jon came out of yesterday with nothing more than a goose egg and 17 sticky monitor things all over his chest/arms/back and nothing more serious. Although, Jon thinks removing those 17 sticky tabs is more than bad enough!


~love said...

geez! hope jon's feeling better & is done with that!! and hope you've both gotten your fill of emma's hugs and kisses!! it is so hard to be away from them, i know!

Erin said...

how scary! so glad he's okay!

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