Friday, April 18, 2008

Recent randomness

We are going to give potty training a whirl next month. I bought Emma two Happy Heiny trainers to try out since they are thicker and have a waterproof liner. They came in the mail last Wednesday and I tried one on Emma without the liner (they were somehow left off my order?!) and she immediately pulled it off, put it on her head and peed on the floor! Maybe we aren't ready for this phase yet. However, she is still doing pretty good with sitting on the potty before bathtime but she has not been "going" lately.

She has become hooked on the Veggie Tales "S'mores" song in the car. This song is cute but it is only 1:40 minutes long and it is getting sooooo old by about ten minutes into any car ride. She says "mama, mama, mama, mama, mama, mama, mama..." until I hit the CD back to the song. Watching her wiggle and shake her arms from her carseat makes it worth it though.

Emma realizes when we are almost home now. There is a big gas station on our exit that has a digital sign for the gas price that is visible about a mile away. About two weeks ago I noticed Emma would start clapping and shouting "Yay, Yay, Yay" when we would get close to the exit. She has put together that the gas station sign means we will be home in about 2 minutes. I am so amazed by everything she is doing lately. She is learning in leaps and bounds in just the last few weeks.


Courtney said...

I would get more than 2 trainers. She is going to have accidents, its just part of learning to go on the potty. Just be consistent with her and she will get it. Accidents are inevitable with potty learning! :) Goodluck!

amber said...

Oh yeah, we're getting more. I just wanted to be sure on the size, type, etc before I put more $$ into it. I just ordered two more this weekend and I am going to get some of the Gerber ones for around home where accidents won't be as big of a deal.

Courtney said...

Ohhhh, we have a really cute wetbag, its the fish in the bags fabric! I love it! They have some good ones on HC (Hyena Cart). Did your inserts ever come?

amber said...

I finally got ahlod of her and they arrived yesterday. I boiled them last night then threw them in the washer. I fell asleep so I threw them in the dryer this morning. I hope they are fluffy tonight when I get home! I guess I do the process again tonight then they are primed? I ordered two more stuffins from her this weekend and I just got a shipped email from her so they should be here by Thursday. I ordered my wetbag from Lemon Squeezy on DS. She had the fabric I wanted!

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