Monday, July 30, 2007

Am I a bad mommy?

We have a Britax Marathon carseat for Emma in our car. I love it, she loves it...well, until lately. I think it is because of this independent streak that she has been on the last week or so. She screams and arches her back as you try to strap her in...people stare! So after telling her no, sternly and holding her little cheeks together (hard to explain but it usually works) several times as we were leaving Target this evening...I decide to turn the carseat around right there in the parking lot. She is now an officially a forward facing baby even though the carseat says it is best to stay rear facing until 33 pounds. Emma is only 22ish pounds and 30 1/2" long but she is now a happy baby. So why do I feel like a defeated mommy?

Is it best to be "more safe" or "more happy" therefore letting me drive easier and more safely? What if she fights me again in the morning even though she's still forward facing? Why must she scream and then giggle at me while I scold her? Do the "terrible two's" typically start at 13 months?! My oh my...

Here is the picture that I snapped on my camera phone as soon as we pulled into our driveway tonight. So sweet when she isn't screaming at me from her carseat!

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Okay, I need to go to bed!


~love said...

well, i just had to look it up because that's how i am. =)

check out this site:

you're definitely NOT a bad mommy, but at least then you can figure out which is the right decision for you! =)

aren't we so hard on ourselves as moms??! the guilt that inheirently came when i had our 1st baby was shocking to me!

you're doing wonderfully!! =)

Courtney said...

I definitely wouldnt say you are a bad mommy, not by a long shot!!! If it were me though, with P, I would keep him rear facing as long as possible. Its there head and neck that they worry about in a crash and its better for them to rear face as long as possible. But, Emma is within the range to turn forward facing, so it all retrospect, its up to you.

Our jobs as parents is to do what is best and safest for our kids. But what is best and safest is different to all parents. So I guess its up to you which you do and which is best for all of you!! Goodluck mama!! :)

Courtney said...

Ok, please dont think I am trying to tell you what to do, I am not in any sort of way. But I saw this on one of my mommy groups and I just thought I would post it. It has some good info about the whole ff, rf carseat issue!

Courtney said...

Ok good, I just wanted to make sure that I wasnt overstepping my boundaries! :) In all reality, I think you should just do what seems to work the best for all of you and if its FF then so be it.

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