Sunday, August 26, 2007

Church Nursery, Ducks and Crocs!

We are about to get ready for church...waiting on a load of clothes to dry so I can get dressed. We are going to try out Sunday school this morning. We've been attending just the church service here for about five weeks and we are going to place Emma in the nursery for the first time today. I am a little nervous to leave her in there just because that's who I am but I know she'll have fun. She has never met a stranger and as long as there are other kids in there she is happy.

We also went to the Duck Derby yesterday and Emma had a duck painted on her cheek! Our six ducks did not win but it was a fun adventure anyways. I'll try to post some pictures later.

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We got sooo many compliments on her outfit. I gave out your name a few times, Chelsea, so I hope you get some good business from Tennessee!

Afterwards, we went to Binks because I have been wanting to get some chocolate Mary Jane Crocs and a friend of mine told me they sold them there. It was like walking into a sea of Crocs! They were everywhere in the store...big ones and little ones...every style...every size. Seriously, I wish I would have taken a picture! We even bought Emma a pair of baby blue Crocs in the Mary Jane style. Den and Courtney had bought her some knock off Crocs at Pay Less a few months ago since Crocs start at size 4/5 and she needed a 2/3. She loved them and she keeps pulling them out of her closet wanting to wear them. So I saw these and just had to try them on her...she dropped to the floor and put her feet up. :) Jon even bought her two little flower things to snap on to them so they are extra cute now. She started crying when I tried to take them of last night...silly girl!

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Courtney said...

Haha, crocs are addicting! I'm glad that Emma likes them so much, they are so comfy!! Anyways, I wish we could find a church here, but getting Den to go to church is like pulling teeth! I really like the one I used to work at, we are looking into getting P baptised there. But, hope you all have a fun day at church! :)

~love said...

glad you've been enjoying that church. i don't know what we'd do without our church family! =)

anika fell in love with crocs last year because she could put them on so easily herself.

when i went to dallas, i brought them back the mary jane style. pink for chloe & the baby blue for anika. =) they get just as excited to get shoes as anything! (how i LOVE that!)

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