Thursday, September 6, 2007

Just a small BB8 vent...

I cannot stand the Donatos, especially Daniele. If it comes down to Dick and Daniele then I hope Dick wins. He is a scumbag but he is more straight forward about it than Daniele. Ugh. I never curse, it just isn't me but I had a little song going in my head after tonight's show.

B-i-*-*-h...b-i-*-*-h...b-i-*-*-h and Daniele is her name-o.

I seriously hope that her boyfriend of 2+ years does not take her back after how she was on the show about Nick. They were in the house together for 5 weeks?
She has sobbed over him so many times and how many times did she wah wah wah about voting him out? Okay, I apologize for that crazy moment but it was just too clever not to post. Now back to your regular E*Cakes programming. :o) I am about to post some total cuteness!

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~love said...

i can't stand them either! i wanted jess from the beginning and now i seriously am mad. it's funny how attached we can get! =)

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