Thursday, October 4, 2007

Christmas in...October?!

The Children's Place was having an incredible sale about a week ago online. A bunch of stuff was marked down to like $3-4 dollars and then a code to take an additional $10 off the total order over $30. I discovered this sale while I was at work so I was blocked from getting to actually see what was offered. Jon went to their online store and decided that it was too good of a sale to pass up so he ended up spending $34 with tax and shipping. I had almost forgotten about this when I noticed the small box on our doorstep as I pulled into our driveway! Jon had picked out some majorly CUTE makes me sort of sad to have to put most of it in her closet for Christmas.

I also had scored some major CUTE stuff today at our Carter's Outlet on my lunch break. I went there looking for a pumpkin shirt for Halloween and the pink/chocolate butterfly shirt from the ill-fated Kohl's shopping trip to cheer me up. Shopping for Emma makes me happy. :) I also went looking to get some stuff for Peytonn's Christmas. They were having a huge sale in anticipation of moving across town to our new some shirts for $0.49 and $1.99 and some outfits were 70% off! I was disappointed that all of the adorable blue/chocolate stuff that I was looking at for Peytonn only went up to 9 months! I did leave with like four shirts, a skirt, a skort and a pair of pajamas for Emma*Cakes and it only set me back $22 with tax! We pretty much have her entire fall wardrobe covered in these two purchases...I was so happy with our finds and it didn't hurt the wallet too much. Now if only I could find the elusive "Kaiya Eve" style pettiskirt on the cheap!

Emma & I also exchanged the weirdly sized Old Navy jeans tonight too. I held them up to another pair like we have in 18-24 months that fit well (just a little long) and the size in this style was a 2T! Old Navy sizes definitely seem to run small since Emma is wearing mostly 12 months & 18 months stuff! A pair of pink sherpa boots caught her attention as I was comparing these jeans so I helped her try them CUTE. The 18-24 mo were huge on her. Seriously...what is up sizing?! She did grab ahold of a completely adorable turqouise shirt that said "R is for Rock Star" so I let her get it. They were 2 for $12 so I held up the other styles to let her choose...she went for the "A is for Awesome" in grey/pink. :) I have such a smart, fashionable, adorable, precious girl and I love every minute I spend with her!

Have a mentioned that she knows where her nose is and where her toes are now? She is also becoming quite the little mimic and so expressive in her face...she even rolls her eyes sometimes! I also have to admit that I am beginning to tire of the "Wigs" ... she wants them on as soon as we get home and then she dances around the room. :) I'll try to upload a video of it whenever Jon gets the computer cleaned up. You'll smile...

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