Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Kohl's...I'm no longer a customer!

They just opened a new Kohl's in Smyrna and I stopped by there after I picked up Emma tonight. I love Kohl's and today was their Grand Opening Sale but there was nothing grand about it. A good bit of stuff was marked 40-50% off and another 15% off if you used a Kohl's card. The employee greeter at the door did not say hello, welcome, want to open a Kohls card...nothing. There were no employees to be found in the childrens dept. and it took me forever to locate some adorable two piece pajama sets in 9-12 months for a boy! The employee at the front where they had the aisle partitioned off by the check outs was RUDE...she made me walk all the way back to the end when we ducked under it to get in line (no customers!) and the employee at the other end in turn made me go right back to where I was to get in line. This is really fun with a fussy toddler in a stroller and an armful of clothing! I had decided that I would go ahead and sign up for the Kohl's card to save a little on Christmas presents and they always harrass you to sign up for one when you go to check out anyways. Apparently not at this Kohl's, according to the clerk, the employee at the front door should have signed me up because "they do things differently here." Obviously, so I dropped my stuff on the counter and left....seriously. Are you kidding me? If this is how they treat customers at a Grand Opening then I do not want to be a customer. Three strikes and you're out...I didn't need to be out shopping anyways!

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Courtney said...

Oh Kohl's!! It sucks that sometimes its the employees of a store that can make you turn your nose up at it. Some people can be so rude!!!! But hey, if you were shopping for us, we have got some cute 2 piece pj's from Macy's and they were on sale. The "Rebel" orange pj's we got from there. Just a tip! :) I still want to see pics of the hair now that you've had some days to mess around with it!!

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