Saturday, January 5, 2008


The new Chipmunks movie is so cute. I wanted to see it so we decided to take Emma to her 1st movie! I must say it was quite the adventure from the moment we pulled in the parking lot. There were cars everywhere...I let Jon out to go get the tickets and then circled the lot for an eternity. This elderly lady made me jump the curve coming at me clear over in my part of the road! We finally get parked and we grab Emma and run is like 25 degrees outside. Jon gets a large Coke and popcorn and we are off to the movie. Emma loves the little lights in the theater and spots some other kiddos to point and wave too. She starts getting fussy during the trailers so Jon grabs her and the Coke to get a refill right as the movie is coming on. Well...he gets back goes to sit her down and drops the Coke over her head as the lid popped off as he was holding it. Emma screams, Coke is everywhere. The Chipmunks start to sing...Emma sits down in my lap...all is good again. Jon decides to go grab another refill and comes back slips on the spilled Coke in his Crocs that have no traction and lands on his butt on the cement step. I feel horrible and ask him if he just wants to go home...he says no but he is writing off Coke refills! Other than that it was an enjoyable usual the funniest parts were shown in the trailers but it was still fun...Emma fell asleep about halfway through. She would have loved their concert scenes though!

Here's Emma right before she started getting antsy and Jon got stressed out I told him its a kid movie and people expect to hear a baby talk or fuss...nothing to get upset about. lol Their was a little boy that ran up and down the steps on the other side most of the movie. Who cares!

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