Monday, January 21, 2008

The Cakes is sick.

Emma has been feeling under the weather since about Tuesday evening. Jon stayed home with her on Wednesday and took her to see the doctor. She has a viral infection and croup and is 25 lbs 5 oz fully dressed! He prescribed her an oral steroid to help with her lungs and breathing tube to open up. We also bought a humidifier for her room. She seemed to be feeling a little better on Thursday so I went ahead and took her to the sitter. She called me about lunchtime and said that Emma had gagged at lunch and gotten sick but was immediately fun so not to worry about coming to get her until after work. I get there at 5:15 to pick her up and she looks miserable. She is clammy and whiny. The sitter said she just started acting clingy and whiny about 5:00 when she changed her diaper. She did not want to let go of me to get in her carseat. It made me feel horrible to drive home listening to her whimper knowing she just wanted Mommy to hold her. I was upset at myself for not having Jon just stay home with her again. My Mommy guilt was compounded when Emma got sick all over herself and me as soon as we were home.

He stayed home with her on Friday and he said she was playing and running around most of the day. She didn't want to eat anythign until that evening when she ate 2 1/2 eggs! We had her 1st haircut scheduled for 9:30 AM on Saturday but she was miserable again when she woke up that morning. She had a 103 fever and her cough was back but it was a different sounding cough, not as barky as before. We went ahead and took her, all bundled up, since it was three appointments and a little late to just cancel! She was so good during her haircut but you could tell she was not feeling good. All day Saturday and into the night was about the same...we kept up with her medicine and had her sleeping on the Boppy so she was more upright.

We took her to the on-call doctor at our pediatrician's office on Sunday at the suggestion of the Vanderbilt's nurse triage that answers their off hours calls. She now has a severe upper respiratory infection, croup and an ear infection. She is also down to 24 lbs 14 oz fully clothed. My poor baby has lost 6 oz with all this yuck going on. They gave her a breathing treatment on the spot and checked her oxygen level to make sure she was getting enough. They sent us home with the machine (it looks like a duck) and three more prescriptions. She is not doing very well with the oral medicine...she is so over being sick...but she is actually asking for the breathing treatments. I think it is because of how much easier she can breathe after them. I can feel how "rattley" and wheezy she is and how much better she sounds as she is taking the treatments.



Luckily, Jon is off today for the holiday so Emma has another day here at home with Daddy. I guess we'll see how tomorrow goes and if she is feeling better then its back to the sitter.

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~love said...

poor emma! = ( this is the season for that. our peds floor is full of them!
hope she's starting to feel better!

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