Sunday, January 6, 2008

California Baby!

I must blog about their products for a few minutes. Emma has "winter skin" which is pretty much like ezcema but her doctor said it isn't actual ezcema.

This is an extreme close-up of my adorable Emma Cakes on Christmas morning for a reference. My poor baby's skin!

We wash all of our clothes in Tide Free and use Publix brand of the Bounce Free dryer sheets. We also wash her in Aveeno Creamy Body Wash and wash her hair with the Aveeno Head to Toe stuff every other evening. We slather her in Aveeno Soothing Cream after her bath and each morning. I have seen the California Baby products at Target and Publix but they are pricier than the Aveeno. She has rough, red patches on her chin, right cheek, left shoulder and her lower back. We were picking up some groceries at Publix the other night so I splurged on the California Baby Calendula Cream. It was $11.49 for a SMALL jar but I have used Kiehl's Calendula face wash before and it really seemed to help. We have been rubbing it on her face for two days now, about three times a day, and it is looking so much better!

Side note: It was great timing to try since we had an appointment at Portrait Innovations this afternoon to get Emma's 18 month portraits. She was not having any part of that though so after about 20 minutes of trying to get her to sit, they rescheduled us for next Sunday. Hopefully by then her face will be perfect again!

I keep trying to figure out if something she is eating is triggering this redness but she eats a lot of the same stuff she always has. This morning she had the white goldfish and apple juice and her chin became very raw again so we are going to go back to the regular goldfish. Anyways...I'm sorry to ramble...I just wanted to say that I love California Baby and I want to try their baby wash too!


Courtney said...

I have heard that if you can find the root cause of the eczema, you can eliminate it altogether or make it a lot better. I think some common ones are milk allergy or intolerance or wheat. Also some citrus can make eczema worse.

I forgot to tell you earlier that when I give P a bath I put one of those oatmeal bath things in the water. And I dont use soap on his body, just his hair and his diaper area. Then I just let him soak in the oatmeal bath and then lather him up when he gets out.

It might be the juice, maybe the stickiness and the sugar are irritating her skin around her mouth when she drinks it. Heck, I dont know. Goodluck!

amber said...

That is what I am wondering too...she doesn't get juice very often but when she does it is like 1/4 juice and the rest water and ice. :) I am kind of wondering if it might be the parm goldfish now...we switched to those about three months ago because the regular goldfish stained her clothes!

modkidboutique said...

Awwww... poor sweet baby face. Hope it clears up soon and hope you can find the cause so it doesn't happen again. Sorry I have no advice for you. My girls haven't gotten it yet. Well, actually, Sophie did have some sort of a rash on her face last Summer and as soon as I stopped using fabric softener on her clothes/bedding it stopped. Don't know if it was just coincidence, but so far so good...

Courtney said...

Hmm, maybe it is the crackers. Maybe there is some ingredient in them that irritates her skin when it comes in contact with it. You could try eliminating them and keeping with the juice to see if it is the crackers. If not, try taking away the juice and see if that works.

Poor kiddo, I hope it gets better. I know I hate having dry, itchy skin. I cant stand the feeling.

Oh, I've heard that docs recommend the Dove sensitive skin body wash for people and kids that has eczema. Maybe try that if nothing else works. Let me know if you find the answer!!

P.S. Sorry all my comments are so long! :)

Missy said...

The California Baby stuff is really nice!

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