Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fun times & frustration

We went up to Louisville, KY this past weekend to meet my parents. We have done this a few times but this is the first time we stayed much better! We went to the Oxmoor Mall and spent about an hour in the Archivers store while Emma ran her energy off with Papa on the indoor playground. I so wish we had an Archivers here! We then grabbed a late lunch at Olive Garden (yummo!) and headed to the hotel. It was pretty nice for the price except that the indoor pool area was closed for maintenace but they credited us $20 for it. Mom & I were able to scrapbook some and Emma went "exploring" around the hotel with Papa. We also went down to the Louisville Slugger Muesem for Jon on Sunday. It is amazing that all the Louisville Slugger bats in the world are made right there in that small factory. Emma loved her new "baby bat" that they gave her but it was taken away about 10 minutes later for hitting Mommy! We headed to the Texas Roadhouse in Elizabethtown, KY before heading our separate ways. I took my wallet out of the diaper bag to show Mom...she needs a small wallet/change purse and I love the one I finally found at Target a few months ago.

Anyways, I think my license must have somehow slid out in their parking lot. I have looked everywhere in the car and here...I know it was there because it was in my wallet when I showed it to Mom. I called up there to see if it was turned in and the girl said no. I am hoping maybe someone found it and dropped it in the mail to me. I was going to go get a duplicate made but I have misplaced my social security card (the one I got after we were married with my name change) so I need to dig through everything in our desk to find it. I found where I can do it online but you have to enter your drivers license number, social and last name. Do you know your drivers license number without having it in front of you?! I did find it by going through our online banking until I found a check with it written on it! So, now I will have a new drivers license mailed to me within the next 20 days.

This gets me to the frustration. I went to Gymboree on my lunch break yesterday to check out their big $4.99 sale...I didn't find anything good in the sale but I did fall in love with their Valentine's Day outfit. I spent more than I should have on a shirt, pair of pants and hair clippies. The checkout girl asked for my ID...I told her the story of losing it in KY and she said thats fine, I've seen you in here before. I decide to use this adorable "I love Daddy" outfit for a surprise photoshoot with Emma and I go to Hobby Lobby today. I wanted to get red paint and some wooden X's and O's as props. I go to check out and explain the ID thing and give her my drivers license number...she says she cannot accept that and calls a manager over who reiterates the same thing. So I leave...prop less. I understand asking for ID and I prefer cashiers to ask for my own safety but I also understand giving a person the benefit of the doubt. Would I seriously be using a stolen card for $8.28? I spent six times that amount at Gymboree and they were understanding about my problem. I have also been in this Hobby Lobby at least 6-8 times a month in the last year. So I am now thinking that I should just return the Gymboree outfit, that I shouldn't have bought in the first place, and forget about the whole Valentines photoshoot idea. This is going to be the longest 20 days.

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