Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jon!!

Jon is the big 3-1 today. We have plans to join his parents for dinner tonight so I "treated" him for his birthday last night. We went to the local bakery and he chose a mini key lime pie and an icing stuffed chocolate cookie. Yummy! Emma chose an egg shaped cookie that was decorated in pastels...almost too cute to eat but she ate it anyways. I chose a lovely petit four. So good! We bought him a stereo for his car that has the direct inputs for his iPod as his birthday present. He has had it about a week now and loves it. He drives almost an hour to work so he has been downloading audio books to his iPod and listening to them. I think it was a great present!

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~love said...

that is a great present for his drive!

happy birthday, jon!! = )

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