Thursday, March 27, 2008


Why is it that clothing for baby girl's are so adorable and so expensive? I have spent more $$ on Emma's wardrobe than anything for myself. I tend to be a frumpy gal most of the time but I dream of being a hot mama one day. lol Don't we all?! Anyways, I have recently ordered from Mini Boden and Matilda Jane Clothing for the first time. It is so uber-cute that it is not even funny! I can't wait until the orders arrive next week...we must have a fashion show photo shoot and upload the pics, Jon!

Don't get me wrong, I love some items from The Children's Place and Old Navy as much as the next girl but there is just something about the clothing from Baby GAP, Gymboree, Mini Boden and MJC that just has it, know what I mean?! Not to even mention my favorite boutique designers, ModKid and Vintage*Chic. Granny has made Emma several uber-adorable outfits too! I'll try to add pics from the Easter egg hunt of Emma in her sweet outfit. :)

I just need to get myself able to part with all this fab clothing to fund her next season. I just don't think I can do it, in fact, I don't think Jon can do it. We are "pack it away-ers" and we are saving it back for that future daughter that may never come. We'd be in big trouble then anyways...all the coordinating sister outfits. Ay yi yi!


Bowznstuff said...

tee hee, not to worry I figure it will only be a little while that they allow us to dress them up. If I spent as much on my wardrobe as Hettie's I could possibly have a new outfit for every day of the year - PLUS I sew too!!
Lovely to find your blog

modkidboutique said...

Thanks for the plug, Amber! Can't wait to see Emma's photoshoot in all her fabulous boutique wear. :) Oh, and I'm with Cree... even though I sew, I still spend an ungodly amount of money on my girls' wardrobe... ten times as much as on mine!

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