Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Emma*Cakes has scarlet fever!

Emma has a bumpy, red rash over most of her body now. I noticed it after her bath last was only on her belly and lower back at that time. She had worn a new, unwashed shirt yesterday so I thought maybe it was a contact rash or something. This morning it was on her face, neck, arms, legs, even her feet. We got her in to see the pediatrician at 11:30 AM this morning and he immediately said it is a classic scarlet fever rash. He said it is usually brought on by strep and a high fever. Emma has had zero signs of both. He said sometimes it can be caused from a virus too. He said left untreated it can affect their joints and hearts so he is treating it as though she has had strep. He left it up to me to have her tested, I passed on the test since he said the treatment was the same if it was confirmed and she was glued to my hip at this point! He gave her a prescription and suggested Aveeno Bath Treatment and Caladryl because the rash can become itchy and peel but should go away completely in 3-7 days. She has to stay out of daycare until she has been on the medicine a full day.

So we were off to Target to pick up her "itchy prevention" supplies after dropping the prescription off at Walgreens. Seriously, how hard is it to find Aveeno Bath Treatment at Target?! Very hard. It was not in the bath wash/lotion aisle, it was not in the baby aisle either. I am starting to get frustrated as there are no employees within sight and my irritable, sick toddler wants out of the cart. I finally let her out, holding my hand as I am pushing the cart down the cosmetics aisle...I look up and there are Watkins products, Burts Bees products, and AVEENO BATH TREATMENT among a few other things! Ya know, that is the obvious place to look! So we are finally off to the check out after grabbing her a new Dora toothbrush and a loofah (Emma calls it her bath ball!), Emma is trying to grab at every little thing near the register and is screaming for milk. I try to pick her up and she slips and hits her head on the floor. I am feeling horrible now and so ready to just get her home. We get out to the car and she is still crying for milk so I decide to run through Wendy's which is right in front of our Target. I can get us lunch and milk with her meal. I pull away from the window onto the road milk in her sack. How do you leave milk off of a kid's meal when you asked me three times WHITE OR CHOCOLATE?! Emma is still crying from her carseat, wanting her milk and I do not want to drive back there, carry her inside to get the darn milk so I head onto Walgreens and try to distract her with the nuggets. Thank goodness for Walgreens drive thru and their fast service! We are on the way home within 10 minutes and she calms down enough to wait until we are home for her milk. Have I mentioned she is a milk fiend?!

She took her medicine like a champ and I gave her an oatmeal bath then we both took a nice nap. She seems to be feeling okay, her temp is 99 and she is playing around in her Elmo concert tee and her yoga pants. She is a cute, spotted Cakes!

The flash washed most of the redness away. :) Have I mentioned that she is no longer a fan of the camera?!


~love said...

i wondered how she was...poor emma! i asked if she had a fever or really red cheeks, but how weird that she had what i thought, but not the classic symptoms of it.
well, she's cute doing it. =)
enjoy your time with her at home!

modkidboutique said...

OMG! So sorry I missed this post! By now she is probably better, but what an ordeal, eh? It's always like that when you are trying to just get one thing done... it complicates itself into a myriad f other tasks. Both of my girls are milk fiends too... it was way worse when they were Emma's age. They would not touch ANYTHING but milk. At least now they will drink some juice. ;) And I just had to ask... you can get milk at your Walgreen's drive-through??? Mine will only give me prescription meds and refuse to get anything else for me no matter how much I beg! UGH! Lucky you!

amber said...

Unfortunately, no milk at the drive thru! We just went straight home from there so it was just minutes until she had her MILK! :) I know what you mean, they wouldn't even get my infant Tylenol one time in a torrerentual down pour when Emma was like 3 months old and sick! Ugh. She is feeling soooo much better now- thanks!

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