Saturday, May 3, 2008

Emma's "Mommy Haircut"

Emma had her first "official" haircut in late January which was really only a trim. Her bangs had grown and were past her eyes lately which was fine - when she would let me swoosh them to the side with a cute clippie. She has been anti-clippie lately. I am not sure why I thought I could "trim" a squirmy toddler's bangs but I did! Please tell me that it is not horrible! I know they will grow out in a week but I hope I totally didn't make her look like a boy. Jon keeps teasing me asking why I gave her a bowl cut. I know its short and kind of mullet-like but its is cute in some way, right?! I know Emma is adorable...regardless of her haircut. :)


By the way, this is Emma's "sour lips" pose. We were watching Blue's Clues and Steve tasted a lemon and made sour lips. It is now Emma's favorite thing to do when the camera comes out!


Bowznstuff said...

oh good gracious that is cute :)

modkidboutique said...

It very cute!! I love the sour lips. I alway cut Sydney's hair myself because he won't let anyone else near her with scissors and I always get self-conscious about it too. You did good! :)

~love said...

lol...i love the sour puss face! she's adorable. =)

nathalie said...

how cute is she?! just adorable!!!

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