Saturday, May 17, 2008


It has been a long and trying week or so and I keep trying to look for the positive and enjoy each day. Especially with my Emma*cakes.

Last Thursday, Jon came out of work and noticed his tire looked very worn in one place so he decided to stop by Wal-Mart on the way home to get a new one. It ended up being Wal-Mart, Sam's and finally Sears to get it done but he was able to get it done. Thank goodness that he noticed it as they told him it probably would not have got him home safely.

The next day they let me know that they no longer needed me at the job I'd been at for a year. I have enjoyed spending the first part of the week at home with Emma and then took a two-day position with the temp agency so I can hopefully still earn my 40 hour vacation since I am only lacking 25 hours! I was at work reading Lovelyn's blog about Trisha Hessee, the girlfriend of one of our high school classmates. She is nearly 14 weeks pregnant and is fighting brain cancer, two tumors in her brain that do not seem to be reacting to the radiation. John posted an update this morning that she is doing a little better yesterday, opening her eyes and responding to them with hand squeezes. I have been thinking about her and praying for her every chance I have since I read her blog. I just cannot shake the feeling of imagining everything she is going through. I cannot do anything but pray so I am going to keep praying for her every chance I have. The website is if you want to find out more about her story.

I called Jon after I had picked up Emma from the sitter and he didn't sound like himself. I asked him what was wrong and he responded with "I'm just shaken up..." I begin to really worry, something I am good at, when he tells me that Jason just died. A guy he works with quite closely at his job had been feeling a little lightheaded and itchy at work that morning. He assumed his wife had changed their detergent or something and decided to head on home. His wife wanted to take him to the ER because he just wasn't feeling right and on the way out of their house, he collapsed. He was gone. He was only 33 and they think it was a heart attack or an aneurysm. I couldn't hug Jon tight enough when he got home. I keep imagining what his wife must be going through and I know it must be unbearable. I also keep thinking about how blessed we were a few months ago when Jon collapsed at work that it was nothing more than fatigue and a bad decision to skip a few meals.

I have been stressed and uptight about so many little things lately with the job thing, Emma's upcoming birthday and even this morning I got super-upset because Emma spilled a drink all over herself and her car seat. Jon was telling me to calm down and Emma was smiling at me, even giggling, just to make me happy again and she was the one who was soaked. I realized that it is only clothing, it launders well, and life just needs to be lived and enjoyed to the absolute fullest each day. I am going to make a point to not sweat the small stuff and even some of the not-so-small stuff anymore.

I am so blessed.


~love said...

you are blessed. =)

terrible to read about jon's co-worker. the pain is just unimaginable.

it is really hard to not sweat the small stuff some days....but, life is too sweet not to.

~love said...

btw--i'm getting ready to send out save the dates for reunion. we're doing the weekend after thanksgiving.

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