Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Crazy, birthday fun!

The month of June started out as a whirlwind! My birthday was June 4th and Emma's is June 15th. We headed to Indiana on June 3rd around 9:00 PM and right into a tornado warning storm about an hour south of Indianapolis. We saw lightning strike a transformer as we drove along the interstate. Not cool! We were going to head out the next morning since I wanted to go to Gary Allan's Fan Club Party that afternoon. He rocked, by the way. We got home, had dinner, and Jon said he'd rather drive at night so off we went.

We spent the rest of the week visiting with family and took Emma to Columbian Park. I wish we would have planned ahead and brought beach gear to enjoy the water park. Next time! There was a horrible storm come up on us as we left Lafayette on Friday. It knocked the power out from around 5 PM until about 5 AM the next morning! Nana & Papa threw Emma a little birthday party on Saturday...Emma really enjoyed her Elmo balloon, cupcakes and presents. She also enjoyed the "lake" that showed up at their house after it rained 3.6" in about two hours before her party!

We came home Sunday afternoon and I had a job interview on Tuesday. It seemed to go well so I guess we'll see come Friday. Emma & I have been cleaning up the house and playing outside with her new sprinkler and bubble blower this week. We are gearing up for her birthday party on Saturday! The Elmo pops are on their way here. We have all kinds of red/white and Elmo party decorations. I am baking her cake Friday...she started out wanting strawberry but now wants white. Good thing I have both cake mixes in the house. She helped me make the trial cake and she was so upset at me when I put it in the oven. She got over it pretty quickly once the cake was baked though. We have pictures.

Lots of pictures to catch up on. Enjoy the slideshow!

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~love said...

glad you are enjoying your time home w/ her and you made it safely. it's been crazy here, huh?!
hope she had a great party! =)

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