Saturday, May 24, 2008

Countdown to TWO!

Emma's birthday is coming up fast and I can't believe I haven't really planned much yet. I bought fabric to create her birthday party outfit yesterday. Jon is working on the invitations and they are awesome. I ordered the cake pan on Monday.

I need to do a trial run of the 3-D Wilton cake next week so I'll be ready for the real thing on June 14th. We are doing a giant cupcake decorated with red & white sprinkles topped with an Elmo pop and two crayon candles. I am thinking of using red, white and pink Necco candies as the sprinkles or Hot Tamales and white Neccos. To go along with the red & white gingham tablecloths and the Elmo theme we are going with. Emma picked him. She is a BIG fan of the red monster.

I am planning on using a fish bowl full of gold fish and her Elmo TMX as table decorations. A fellow Gymbofriend has offered her extra Elmo decorations to me for the cost of shipping and she has an inflated 4' tall Elmo! I am excited for that as I was hoping to maybe rent an Elmo costume and have someone dress up at her party but it is like $90 to rent one and the closest place is an hour away. Oh well - I think it is going to be a cute and fun party for Miss Emma*Cakes! I can't believe my baby is going to be TWO!

Here are a few samples of the giant cupcake that I've found online:


Erin said...

How fun! I can't wait to see the final cupcake!

modkidboutique said...

Happy 2nd B-Day, Emma Cakes! Can't wait to see the pics!!

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