Sunday, December 7, 2008

Meet our scout elf...Isaac!

I follow the blog, Bring the Rain. Angie had posted about her family's tradition with their elf, Scout. The elf reports back to Santa each evening about the children's behaviors and shows up in a new spot in your house each morning.


I thought it sounded like a great tradition to start with Emma this year so we went out and bought the set at Barnes & Noble this afternoon. We read the book and named our little elf Isaac since he is acting as Santa's "eyes" and Emma liked the name. :) She was not listening very well this evening and we reminded her that Isaac was watching her and did she want to be on the naughty list to which she said "no, me nice" so I think it will be helpful too. I can't wait until she wakes up in the morning and we look for Isaac! He's sitting on the microwave right now...


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