Saturday, July 7, 2007

Some random pictures of Emma

Orange watermelon, anyone? Jon stopped by a roadside vegetable stand and brought home a big, green watermelon. He cut it open to find that it was orange...not pink! It was very juicy and sweet though. Emma enjoyed her first taste of watermelon regardless that it was strange to Mommy & Daddy!
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Emma was being so sneaky and trying to hide Daddy's iPod last night so he had a ticklefest with her. She was giggling so hard that she almost lost her breath!
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I have been playing around with and here is my latest favorite picture. Erin of The Vintage Pearl used this one and one of my nephew, Peytonn in a blue shirt, to make my mom a "Gramma" necklace. It is a belated Mother's Day/anniversary present. I love mine and I think Mom will love hers with it made of her two favorite babies. I just hope she doesn't read this before next weekend!
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Daddy got up first thing this morning and started cutting the grass. Emma was enjoying watching him from our front door.
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I forgot to mention that Dr. C wants us to start weaning Emma from the bottle. She only has about 3-4 six ounce bottles a day now...usually when she wakes up in the morning and before naptime/bedtime. How is the best way to wean from the bottle? She is good with her sippy cup during the day but when Jon tried to give her a sippy cup of milk before bedtime the other night...she had a complete meltdown so he ended up putting it in the bottle. We are also trying to wean her from the paci too. So I'll welcome any advice!


Bowznstuff said...

Wow what a total cutie pie - she is adorable - wonderful, wonderful photos - that is too funny about the watermelon :) As far as the bottle and the paci are concerned I have no advice as I think after two children I can officially be classified as a complete failure in that department :)

~love said...

well, my advice is forget the paci. work on the bottle. then give her a couple months and work on the paci. i thought gettting chloe off the paci would be impossible. but, it was so much easier than i imagined! she was 14 months & loved to take things to the trash. we told her that she was getting to be a big girl so all her pacis had to go to the trash and she could trade for a special blankie. we let her pick which blankie and individually throw each paci away. she maybe fussed a little extra at nap time for a few days...but that's it.

and i weaned them of their bottle or nursing over about a 2 month period. always leaving the nighttime feeding for very last. let her keep that until the very end! =)

hope you're having some success. every child is different...and you'll know what's working for her! =)

wow--this is long--bye!

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