Sunday, September 9, 2007

Chuck E Cheese, black eye and a hug

Emma and I met my best friend Ashlea and her two kids at Chuck E Cheese on Friday night. Emma was loving it -- running around and going down the slide. We sat down at the booth to have our pizza and she wanted to sit in the booth like the other kids were, not the high chair. She was sitting there right beside me as I was cutting up her pizza...she was laughing at Noah and then BOOM...her little noggin went right into the table. I felt like such a bad mommy....she curled up in my lap and was screaming. She has had several bumps and she has never screamed like that before...when we got home and I gave her a bath, I noticed there was a knot and a bruise beside her eye. He eye is also incredibly bloodshot so we took her to the on-call doctor yesterday since she was having allergies too. She said that it is fine, just bruised but she gave us some eye drops to put in her eye three times a day for a week on the chance that bacteria entered her eye when she hit the table. So I can't believe that my baby girl now has a black eye and I was RIGHT THERE! :(

She has also started giving big bear hugs this weekend. She came up to me last night and reached around and hugged my neck and gave me a kiss. I love it. So maybe I am not a horrible mommy afterall.

I finally have the photos downloaded.

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How do you get three kids to look at the camera at the same time?!

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This is about an hour after the table incident and her poor eye was still watering!

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Mommy...I don't know that I like this Chuck E place...


Erin said...

They can get hurt in a blink of an eye and there's nothing we can do sometimes! Don't sweat it, it will probably happen a few more times in her life!!! Just hug and kiss everything all better!!!

amber said...

Thanks Erin. :o)

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