Tuesday, October 30, 2007

4 Times a Tag!

Please name FOUR things in each catergory and then tag FOUR fellow bloggers!

Four Jobs I Have Had in My Life
(1) IGA Grocery cashier in high school
(2) Christmas help at Wal*Mart (what was I thinking?!)
(3) Financial Dept. Team Lead
(4) Admin Temp

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over
(1) Sweet Home Alabama
(2) Toy Story
(3) Tommy Boy
(4) Friends on DVD

Four TV Shows I Like to Watch
(1) Grey's Anatomy (have never missed it!)
(2) Jon & Kate Plus 8
(3) Really anything on HGTV like Color Splash with David Bromstad, Divine Design, Design on a Dime, Househunters, etc.
(4) Really anything on Food Network like all the Rachael Ray, Paula Deen, and the Deen Boys shows

Four Places I Have Vacationed
(1) Niagra Falls
(2) Texas
(3) North Carolina
(4) Jamaica

Four of My Favorite Dishes
(1) Corn Casserole
(2) Spaghetti with meat sauce
(3) Poppy Seed Chicken with rice
(4) Dog 'n Suds footlong Coney (I want one now!)

Four Websites I Visit Daily
(1) Blogger
(2) Gymbofriends
(3) The Nest
(4) Myspace

Four Places I Would Rather Be
(1) Back home in Indiana
(2) Savannah, Georgia
(3) Austin, Texas
(4) New York City

Four Bloggers I Am Tagging
(1) Lovelyn
(2) Patty
(3) Chelsea
(4) Wendy

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